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Fact check: is Omicron less dangerous than Delta?

 I had a lot of ideas for the next post... I really wanted to have a look at another problem of humankind: climate change, wealth distribution or perhaps gender equity. There's so much interesting data beyond the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic! But: the new variant of our most popular pathogen dominated the news of the last four weeks, fueled people's fears and hopes at the same time and spoiled my plans. Yes, your right, that's the Omicron, coined a 'mild' or 'cold-like' coronavirus and expected to change the way we experience and manage the pandemic. Does it hold true? I had to crunch some data to convince myself... Omicron: no more than highly transmissible cold bug? I allow myself to skip an extended introduction on Omicron: it's omnipresent in media and European populations - the chances that you have already experienced an infection or experience one in the forthcoming four weeks are quite good. To sum up:  we're facing an extremely infectious pathogen, w