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Fact check: does Astra Zeneca's COVID-19 vaccine increase risk of thromboembolism

Before I begin, I probably need to declare that although I'm a great enthusiast of vaccinations and got a more or less complete list of shots in my life, none of the pharma companies nor Bill Gates have ever offered me shares, honoraria or even a free vaccination. In other words I'm entering this topic highly influenced by subjective opinions and conspiracy theories without any financial conflict of interest and do my best to present you 100% scientific data.   COVID-19 vaccination was promised to be the next topic - it was already a while ago, cause I'm involved in two huge COVID-19 human studies and didn't find enough time for my blog. But I hope, I can report on our, still highly confidential, results in the nearest future.   Initially I thought: let's discuss the principle of vaccination and particular drugs, have a look what was published about efficacy and safety and, finally calculate, if getting an anti-SARS-Cov2 shot is worthwhile. But, I didn't expect