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Fact check: does anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination work?

 COVID-19 vaccines do not work against Delta   Our hospitals are full with vaccinated patients   I'd rather wait for an inactivated vaccine   Two third are vaccinated and there's a lockdown again...   I've got my jab and got CoV afterwards, what a junk (des isch a Klumpert)!   I wear a mask, keep my distance, go testing, why I should let me vaccinate with this poison?!   Heard on the street, playgrounds in Tyrol and seen in social media in Austria these days.     Daily incidences breach every record, breakthrough infections rate climbs toward 50%, the national health care is approaching a collapse, the surprised government seems to have no idea... Hey, but two-third Austrians are fully vaccinated, what went wrong? The politicians claimed: the pandemic is over, CoV is gonna be an individual medical problem, it is this a pandemic of unvaccinated.   This motivates me to write this post. Does the anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination works against the Delta virus paralyzing our hospitals

Pandemic, containment management or COVID-19: what is more dangerous for mental health?

It's again a while since the last post and almost two years of pandemic. Sadly said, a misery which would have been already over, at least in the first world, provided a better vaccination readiness of the US and European societies and more courageous political decisions. Frankly speaking, none of us is the same kind of a woman or men as before the SARS-CoV-2 crisis. Besides the real threats to our somatic health, there's another facet of human well being less prominently addressed by media news and scientific publications: mental health. Fear, paranoid feeling of being locked up, overwhelming concerns about own and family health, household finances, kids without school, lost jobs... This all has been burdening us and now seems to be somehow over but not completely. Could we measure this impact on mental integrity? Could we find out the causes? Is there a way to identify people at risk of mental health deterioration early on and help them? The team of 'Health after COVID-19