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'Mild-course', home-isolated: still a missing puzzle to understand the COVID-19 pandemic

Since the last post (a while ago), many things happened: to the pandemic, which we can now effectively fight against, to the awakening world economy, the even warmer climate... But also to the blog author, who now pursuits a free-lance data scientist career ( ) - any time happy to crunch your exciting data! In the mean time, I spent days if not weeks with an extremely interesting project named simply ' Health after COVID-19 in Tyrol ', whose results, while still not 'properly' published, can be accessed as a preprint . Well, probably there's probably no single person who hasn't heard the term 'long COVID', either from media, friends or relatives - a phenomenon of symptom persistence long after the acute SARS-CoV2 infection ranging from an isolated smell disorder to debilitating shortness of breath making everyday life a hard struggle. Even though the condition follows the 'ebb and flow' pattern of broad public interest, th